Friday, July 6, 2012

Why Sell A Cheap Shed?

When you can offer quality at an affordable price?
Expert Workmanship

Ask your spouse which unit they prefer if they are going to be looking at it each day for the next 15 years!
Who controls the check book?
How much does a home and its surroundings have upon the emotions of a woman?
Ask them how important it is!
Then ask them to choose which Unit!
Which do they want to look at the inside of this one:

It is cheap!
 or This One!  Still Cheap!
Above is a product sold at the big box store!  Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!
Photo taken on store's location.
If there is need for a good view and good feeling from going inside the structure look at the inside of this one:
The inside is finished like this when the outside is put together!
Just add wall hangings and the furniture.
How does one feel here?
Or here:

Do a poll and ask the women which is best for their yard!
Dealership start up model special price shipping paid until August 1, 2012 *$985.
This Demo Unit would be an 8'X8' Optima Retails for $2,432.50
Call now for more information and dealer flyer and prices.  210-651-2045
Order a Optima 8
Optima 8'
Wall thickness 1 1/8" Tongue & Groove
All natural tongue and groove northern pine solid wood
Outside size: 7'5.76" X 7'5.76"
Inside size 7' 5" X 7' 5"
Height overall 7'6"
Height of walls 6'6"
Double door: 4'8"X5'10" with all hardware.
The structure includes all hardware and roof contstruction (wooden part)
Floors, singles, or other roofing materials are not included.

*Start up Dealer Special $985 shipping paid price requires unit to be set up and maintained for demo purposes for at least one year.

Inside Expo for dealer use is $200 shipping paid.

 The above demo Expo shows 3 sizes of wood.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dealerships Available

Highest Margin. Low start up costs.  Low inventory. Traffic tool.
Dealerships are now available in:
North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, New Mexico,
Oklahoma, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas,
Arkansas, Louisiana

Dealerships may be started with one demo!

 Ask for our Solid Build Brochure and Price List
Start with one Demo Unit!
Dealerships are also available on the Lava Heater and Aire Products
Ask for our catalog and price list for Lave Heat.

Call David 210-651-2045